Portrait at Mercer Bamboo Princess, Spring

It was 8:00 am and we met right as Mercer Botanical Gardens, in Spring, was opening. I think it was already in the high 80s, but it was nothing compared to how hot it would be in a few hours. We walked back to the Bamboo Garden section for this portrait session. Since Monika is a friend of mine, our sons played together while we took photos.   I set up my camera and lighting gear, and off we went making some great summer portraits. These were taken with 1 speedlite attached to a softbox, with occasional use of a gold reflector, using morning sunlight as a fill light.

The sunlight filtering through the bamboo made this portrait session so beautiful.  The images started to come effortlessly. The lighting, the posing, the atmosphere was extremely pleasant. We changed locations within the bamboo garden several times, and each location seemed as lovely as the last. The fan was not an intended prop. It was something she had on hand to keep cool, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few images of her amazing eyes. The parasol was a prop that she brought and wanted to use, upon which we both loved the final images with the light shining through her purple parasol. The 2 hours that we were at Mercer seemed to just fly by. We only decided to end the portrait session since it was getting nearly too hot to be out without profusely sweating!

After heading home to take a look at the images that I got, I started to see the possibilities in post production. To me, these finished portraits have a surreal, yet very 50s feel to them.  The slight selective de-saturation and the brightness of her eyes make these images unique. These portraits truly transformed Monika into a bamboo princess!

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Fan portrait

Portrait with Parasol

Woman smiling at camera in bamboo garden

Closeup portrait of a woman

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