Lovely Forest Portraits

It was a rather warm morning in The Woodlands. We decided to take some portraits of Gloria in the lovely WG Jones State Forest. Even though it was early in the morning, it was sure to get a quite toasty in the sun, so I tried to plan to stay in the shade as much as we could. The light filtered through the pine forest providing fairly mottle shade, but it produced some neat highlights in the background. I kept my model in the forest shade, trying to keep the leaf- shaped shadows off of her face and body, for a more evenly lit portrait.

The forest floor was not as lovely as it seems in the pictures. It was overgrown, full of ants, and thorny weeds. Walking was treacherous in high heels so Gloria kept her tennis shoes on most of the time, only changing shoes right before portraits were taken.

The first and second sets of lovely portraits were taken in the same general area, dodging the sunny areas peaking out from behind the trees. We used a speedlite in a softbox as a main light, using filtered daylight as fill.

For the last set of portraits we moved elsewhere in forest. I found a large log nestled in with some young pine trees, and thought that it would be a perfect setting. The sunlight backlighting the leaves and branches produced a lovely glowing effect. I moved the softbox close to Gloria from the side opposing sun, so that we would have plenty of light to fill the shadows.  We took some full length portraits, combined with ¾ length to make a very lovely set.

When I edited these images, I tried to let the vibrance and contrast of these portraits speak to me. There were a few that were so lovely, I just couldn’t decide if I liked better in color, black and white, or chocolate. That is why I provided a few images here with the different color treatments.

Black and white image of outdoor portrait

Woman putting on makeup in forest in chocolate color

Smiling portrait of woman outdoors

Woman sitting in chair in the forest

Woman sitting on log in forest

Woman portrait in forest standing on a log

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