Pictures in the Park, Spring

I had the pleasure of taking pics of these three boys on a lovely evening not too long ago, in Spring, TX. The prints from this session were to become a Mother’s Day Gift, so the boys were dressed in suits and ties, on this warm spring day. We headed to the park where there was an easter egg hunt in progress, so there were people everywhere. We started taking pictures out of the way on a grassy hill, which is where all of the below images were taken.  The contrast of the bright green grass against the suit and skin tones, was perfect for these individual shots. Each one of these boys had distinctly different personalities, and it was tricky to get them working together for group pictures. We then moved to the edge of a small lake, where I took several pictures of the three boys looking out over the lake.  For these two settings, I used natural cloudy light, with fill from a single reflector.

After the crowds started to dwindle, we moved over to a small stand of trees, where another member of the family would join the pictures. This is the first time I had to do a session with multiple subjects, and a dog. This little spaniel was well-behaved, but made things a little more difficult to coordinate all the boys and dog in their places at once. It was challenging, but fun all at the same time. I was quite happy with the pictures that I walked away with, but I must admit that these individual shots are my favorites.

In post- production,  I adjusted the color, and increased the contrast a bit. These three pictures didn’t require much, because the faces really spoke volumes about these boys. The silly, the shy, and the teen!

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