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Food Photography, Cayenne Peppers

I have never really tried food photography before. Often I have thought about it, but never have the time, since I am the one that cooks in this house. It is hard to keep the camera in the kitchen when I am cooking, for safety and mostly the lack of space. There is not a lot of natural light over by the cook-top, so I never really thought of taking “action cooking shots”.

This is the first year that I have planted anything, and our cayenne peppers have been extremely happy, since we have them surrounded in a soaker hose.  The other day, my husband brought in a bunch of cayenne peppers from our very own plants. We counted 29 peppers that were ready all at once. Not only do I now have to come up with some recipes to to use all these peppers, but I thought I should take some photos of these beautiful cayennes.  I have never had so many peppers at once, and I have not had any experience with food photography, but I wanted to try.

I took the peppers outside on my deck, and brought a green blanket to put underneath them.  I used the natural light, coming from the side as my main light and used a small reflector, with gold side up for fill. The gold side of the reflector makes the light seem a little warmer, which I thought would make the photos look better. I arranged all my peppers on the blanket and took pictures with 1 hand while holding the reflector with the other. This would have been a great time to have a helping hand, but my son wouldn’t stay still long enough to help, and he was busy stealing the peppers off of the blanket.

The bright red made a great contrast from the green blanket. I had just one pepper that had an end that curled over. That pepper immediately became the star of the show. Here are the photos of my very own cayenne peppers.

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Cayenne peppers in a line

Cayenne Peppers viewed from the top

line of several cayenne peppers

bottom tips of a bunch of cayenne peppers