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Nova Scotia Holiday Landscape Photos Part 2

Here is the second set from my holiday landscape photos. All of these photos were taken on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The Cabot trail is a road that winds around the upper tip of the island. It is hailed as being “one of North America’s most beautiful drives.” As you drive, you pass through Cape Breton Highlands Provincial Park, which has outstanding views of the Atlantic coast and the surrounding highlands. The landscape changes from a rocky coastline, high cliffs, to vast forests, and sweeping meadows.

The first landscape photo is of  the coastline, inside Cape Breton Highlands Provincial Park.  The sound of the waves crashing into the shore was incredibly loud, and I could feel the cold air rolling in off of the Atlantic water. We kept driving higher and higher up into the highlands until we got to a hiking trail. We hiked over 2.5 miles to get the view from the next 2 photos.  On the way to the tip of the ridge, we passed through different landscapes. We started out in a forest with small pines and cedars, with lots of fiddlehead ferns. We then passed through vacant meadows with hardly any trees, but plenty of evidence of moose. We then emerged on the ridge to the view you see here. The view was astounding. My only regret was that we were there on a day that was a bit hazy, so the sight was limited.

The fourth photo was just taken on a pullout spot off of the road, on the way back to our lodging. The huge slabs of rock were stacked on top of each other. The sheer size of the rocks were incredible, and hard to see from this landscape photo.

The last photo as taken in the small town of Baddeck, at the base of the Cabot Trail.  It was foggy, so the visibility was rather low, but the small lighthouse with it’s red paint provided great contrast to the scene.

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Nova Scotia Landscape Holiday Photos

My husband and I went on holiday to Nova Scotia at the end of May. I couldn’t figure out where we should go for vacation. Last year we went to British Columbia, so I thought we might try the Canada’s Atlantic coast. The landscape is drastically different than on the Pacific side, but it is still beautiful in it’s own way. This set of landscape photos were all taken in the same area in central Nova Scotia, on the Bay of Fundy.  The lighthouse is on Cape D’or near Advocate Harbour, which required a long drive up a dusty, narrow gravel road.  This was one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. The sheer cliffs were astounding, and the contrast of the green grass against the dark rocky cliffs set upon the shining bay was absolutely breathtaking. The last landscape photo is the view from right near the lighthouse itself. You can see how small the full-grown pine trees appear at this angle.

The second to last photo was taken while we were actually kayaking on the Bay of Fundy. This was a holiday after all, and we wanted to have some adventure, so we took a day and went out onto the bay. The landscape looked completely different from the water level. It was rather chilly, and very windy, which made paddling difficult and cold.  We paddled for an hour and then stopped for lunch. After that, we started back towards our starting point. This return journey proved to be much more cumbersome that the trip in. The wind was howling, the waves were crashing, and the landscape became a lot more dynamic. It seems that our holiday wouldn’t be complete without being soaking wet and freezing cold!

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I tried and tried to get my son to wear his costume before Halloween without much luck. I finally got him to wear it on the 31st long enough to take some pictures. He was in rare form.. Extremely cooperative and happy to be in his monkey suit.

HDR Intro

I have recently been getting into High Dynamic Range Photography which is actually quite a lot of fun. Here are some of my beginner shots. For all of these pictures there were three separate exposures taken, and then merged into one. Maybe next time I will post all three exposures and the final. No time today though!