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Family Portrait Session

My friend April has been wanting family portraits for a while now. It seems that family life just kept getting in the way. Any weekend that was planned for family portraits inevitably had something come up. After almost two years, we finally had our chance to take some pictures.

We drove out to the city of Montgomery and found the perfect place for our  session.  There are several pioneer houses and buildings near the public library, which served well for our session.  It was midday which wasn’t helping with the lighting. It was sunny, chilly, and very breezy. We used the porch of  one of the old houses to shade and direct the light. I did use a reflector for fill, when it wasn’t too gusty.  I had to shoot in between gusts, so there wasn’t hair flying everywhere.

The adorable toddler wasn’t cooperating that well. It seemed every time she was picked up, she really wanted down and thus made for unhappy tear-filled portraits. We decided to give the toddler a break and take a few portraits of mom and dad together.  I like these images of the two of them together.

The family was able to regroup and get situated and all looking at the camera. As long as the toddler had something to eat, she would sit in her mother’s lap. I had to shoot these family portraits in between goldfish bites. The last one, which is one of my favorites, was actually right after she put a handful of crackers in her mouth. I was happy that everyone was looking at the camera, at one time.

We shot some more portraits around to some other locations within the park, but these on the porch are among my favorites. That old pioneer house made up a perfect backdrop, which gives these portraits a rustic, timeless look.

Christmas Pictures


These were actually part of Jack’s Christmas pictures. He was in a terrible mood, and cried part of the time, but after I handed over my glasses, and he started to cheer up. Who knew that would make him happy? This was a simple lighting setup. One strobe and one full size silver reflector for fill. The hardest part was keeping the boy in front of the background!

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I tried and tried to get my son to wear his costume before Halloween without much luck. I finally got him to wear it on the 31st long enough to take some pictures. He was in rare form.. Extremely cooperative and happy to be in his monkey suit.

HDR Intro

I have recently been getting into High Dynamic Range Photography which is actually quite a lot of fun. Here are some of my beginner shots. For all of these pictures there were three separate exposures taken, and then merged into one. Maybe next time I will post all three exposures and the final. No time today though!