Sister Portraits in the Park

Sisters are funny. I know for a fact that this particular set of sisters have been dying to do some portraits in a park for a while. We met in the evening atRobFlemingParkin The Woodlands to do some sibling portraits. Originally there were to be three kids in the pictures, but the youngest, a 3 year old boy, was in no mood for portraits.  With that said the focus ended up on these adorable sisters.

We moved to different areas of the park, trying to keep the still moderately high sun out of sight, hiding behind the many trees in the area. The great thing about doing portraits atRobFlemingParkis that there are so many different types of backgrounds waiting to be used.

The older sister seemed ready for her pictures with great smile and very expressive eyes. The younger sister suddenly became reserved in front of the camera, but still made a beautiful model.  Both sisters were very different in front of the camera, but that is what made this session very unique.  After the session during the editing, these differences really led to different post processing styles as well. The more reserved sister seemed more appropriate with the selenium toned black and whites, vs the other one who I used lots of vibrant colors with.

It was when the two girls were in the same portrait did they really come alive. The girls were hugging each other while laughing and smiling and even running all over the park together. These two were great fun to take portraits of. I love being able to capture that youth and innocence in a child’s portrait. I also enjoyed seeing two sisters who really loved playing together as well. They had a good time, and I did too. Maybe next time we can get that youngest sibling in the pictures too!

serious girl brown tone

girl sunset portrait thoughtful look

happy smiling girl sunset

hugging sisters in the park