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I am an on-location family portrait photographer for The Woodlands and surrounding area. “On- location” is just fancy for “not confined to any studio” although I do have studio equipment which I do use  for some shots.

For a somewhat introverted mother, photography is my primary mode to express myself artistically. I am most happy with a camera in my hand, and a vision in my head!  I keep a camera on me wherever I go, and I do apply a wealth of science behind the lens, well almost always :-). Lighting, posing, foreground, background, aperture, shutter speed, and image sensor sensitivity all play important roles in creating a portrait.

I strive to progress my photography every day. I work often with other artists and take advanced classes to learn new techniques to provide the highest quality portraits for my clients. A priceless portrait will evoke the warmest memories and essentially allow you to relive that one specific moment in time.

This blog will give you a bit of an inside look at some of my latest sessions and a look into what is going on in my life right now.





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On location family portrait photographer in The Woodlands, TX